just a little note {on life, babies & photographs}

Hi Chelsey, Motherhood is another name for BUSY, I swear, but I wanted to make sure you knew how much we loved our maternity shoot and subsequent photos.  You were right, we could not choose just one or two, they are all so beautiful and special to us.  I don't know how you did it but you managed to take this special time in our lives and capture it on film, right down to the most minute detail that most people would probably not catch.  I can't pick just one favorite shot, as they all mean something different to me.

I know for some women pregnancy makes them feel MORE beautiful, such was not the case for me. While being pregnant was very exciting, I truly felt like a stranger in my own body, you were able to take a potentially awkward event and make me feel comfortable and beautiful which is why the photo of just me is so special.

When I talk about you and our maternity shoot, I always say you make moments on film....and the shot of Josh and I reclining with Cohen's booties on my belly is a perfect example, we were having SO much fun there, you orchestrated just the right situation where we were truly being ourselves, I can not wait for Cohen to realize he is such a special part of that photo!

Of course the photo of us holding hands is also a favorite. That photo is 'us' in all those tiny details ways I was talking about and you can't even tell who it is.

Now that Cohen has arrived I'm so happy we have these pieces to remind ourselves of the journey we took to become a family!

Much Love, Darcy


Thank you, Darcy. These are some of my very favorites as well. I absolutely cannot wait for Cohen's 6 month baby session! It's on my list of high priorities & things to look forward too. Thank you for being such a great family to work with! Time passes so quickly, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! Can you believe he'll be six months so soon?!?!


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