'It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word'

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

| Tony Robbins

I came across this quote quite by accident a few weeks ago. (Well, not even two weeks ago yet, how is that? Time is just flying!) It just seemed to resonate with me. Not just for where we are in the adoption process right now, but for so many things in life. I love it. You have to stay focused, stay committed, stay true to what you want, desire & are passionate about. But you also have to be flexible. Because life is not without flex. You have to bend & move, twist & turn. You have be willing to try. And try some more. And you have to be willing to take extra steps, even when it's painful or tiring or {unknown}.

One day after that quote, exciting news. Crazy news. Moving forward news. Ten days later, we were indeed "tall enough to ride this ride" and got on a roller coaster that we didn't know we were even getting on! Ups and downs, twists & turns. Not always the ride we had intended. {Then again, I've never been a fan of roller coasters to begin with.}

All this to say there are a lot of ups and downs. More news & more momentum today. On a day when we thought we'd have more of a down day. We weren't expecting anything. And maybe that is why it was made to be so. Expect ... the unexpected ...

Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do, doing it with your whole heart, and finding delight in doing it.

| Meister Eckhart

We're doing the next thing we have to do. We're doing it with all our heart{s} and we are finding {delight} {again} in the process.

We have so much to say. And yet, it's hard to say anything. We have so much to tell. And yet, the story still hasn't fully unveiled itself to us. So we have to let it sit & marinate.

We have come a long way. {And we are so thankful.} We have the support of amazing family & friends & blog readers. {Humble Pie with a Scoop of Thankful Ice Cream.} We have a purpose & our story is unfolding. {As the best ones do.} At just the right pace, in just the right way.

You can't blog that. You have to let it happen.

There is so much good that happens. Sometimes you just have to look around & see it.

Starin' blankly ahead,
Just makin' my way,
Makin' a way through the crowd.
And I need you,
And I miss you,
And now I wonder...
If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time
would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...