a story to tell

I have always believed we all have a story to tell. Maybe that is part of the reason I do what I do. I am a storyteller (by nature & by trade) & feel so lucky that I get to express that side of me in my work. I've photographed families on their properties & in their homes that have been lived in and loved. I've photographed their kids on chairs that have been passed down for generations and teddy bears that have meant something to more than just one little person. Every once in a while, I try to do the same for my own family. To preserve memories that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Or at least, undocumented.

This is the dress that belonged first to my sister, Shannon, and then to me. I didn't know (or remember) a whole lot about it other than when my mom passed it down to me, I knew I had worn it. I could tell immediately that it was 'mine'. Since this sister of mine only has boys, I guess my mom held on to it for me, just in case. I'm glad that 'just in case' came to fruition ;). Now, years & years (and years!) later, I was able to document 'the dress' on my own daughter & tell my mom all about it. That's when I learned that the dress was not just mine, but was my sisters as well. And that we both loved it to pieces. Quite literally.

My mother told me the story of one of us wearing it SO MUCH (because obviously this was a favorite) that it got worn & well, a bit too small. So she added to the dress. And she gently showed me where she had taken lace, after letting out the original hem a few times, and added that to the very bottom just to "make it last a little bit longer, so you could wear it just a little bit more". Isn't it funny that after all these years, she still remembers that. Not only that this dress was so loved, but that she took out the hem & added extra lace (yep, I looked closely, it doesn't match the rest of the dress) just so her baby girls could enjoy their favorite dress for a little bit longer.

It's amazing what we do for our children.

Maybe even more amazing is getting the chance to think about the little ways in which I love my children just as much. I am always trying to sew on another lace hem.

What is your most recent lace hem add on?


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