Simply Sunday. The Force.

A few days before the Super Bowl, VW released their "The Force" commercial. It immediately went viral & of course, was a huge Super Bowl hit. (For those who don't know & like to know these things ;) they tied for the highest finish ever by a car ad in the Super Bowl. Yep, this VW spot & a 1997 Nissan ad are the top Super Bowl commercials ever ((for a car)). Well, at least until next year ;) )

So days before the Super Bowl, I showed it to our household Star Wars fanatics who, of course, immediately ate it up. Darth Vader Jr. is played by Max who had a recurring role on The Young & The Restless. Naturally, there is an immediate kid connection there. I mean, really, how can you not be totally captivated as a child.

Who knew that only days later this same pint-size Darth Vader Jr. costume would arrive at our doorstep and the MachC household would indeed relive this entire event live, in their living room.

A reenactment of epic proportions.

{In case you have no idea what I am talking about, I present, the VW commercial: The Force.}

So while the links are open & ready to include your Simply Sunday submissions, I am going to try my best to capture Darth Vader [Jr.]. Keep checking back. I cannot quite yet confirm whether the force is or is not with me.

PS - did you know spell-check recognizes "Vader". True story.

(We had many more from our little play-world but alas, this series tells an entirely different story that makes me giggle. The sibling version of Star Wars. If any of you have kids 2 years apart or less, I have no doubt you fully understand the unspoken language here ;) )