Inspired by ...

Behr &

Photographer Irina Werning's Back to the Future ongoing project. You simply can't help but put a smile on your face seeing all of these people 'reenact' their favorite childhood photos. I love her attention to detail & authenticity when it comes to Irina's vision of what this project means through her eyes.

And a loving mother's project, Mila's Daydreams, perhaps you've heard of her or seen a few of her photographs? There is a book in progress (estimated time of arrival, Jan 2012) and an appearance on The Today Show (which took place February 10th). Adele, you are so incredibly creative and what I most notice about your work is the love you have for Mila. There is nothing more beautiful than that.


What inspires you?

(PS - Happy Birthday Mr. MachC ;) )