the space between.

Since people have been asking I wanted to take a minute to share. I love that friends have been asking questions lately - a toss up between our adoption & our progress and questions about adoption in general. I love both! :) So I wanted to take a minute to fill everyone in on some of the silence on this end ... we are in the 'space between' so to speak. That shot on the left there? That's us, hovering between month 4 and five of being on the wait list. We don't hit the five month mark until next month ... which seems to be coming at a really. slow. pace. So it's kind of this weird limbo thing that has you moving forward, sorta kinda, but in a way that doesn't look quite as obvious to the rest of the world around you. I am really excited for the fifth month.

That image there on the right? That is something else entirely. And completely unrelated. I'm thinking about showing you how to make something with all of those 'ingredients' ... hmmm ... not sure one way or the other, what do you think? I know, an interesting array of goods eh ;)