Task #5: & Spaces.

While places are amazing ... spaces are just as fun!

SHOW ME your favorite room in your house ... and tell me WHY that is so. (Yes, a picture - from today - the space we love, in all its everyday glory.)

Current picture (iphone, smart phone, point n' shoot) & why ... due no later than noon on Wednesday.

YOU MUST HAVE A SIGN IN THE ROOM THAT SAYS January 2011 - that's how we'll know it's current ;)

Post it to the MachC Facebook Fan Page

(In case you missed the FB memo, now's a good time to start rounding up your family & friends to "like" the fb page ;) )

Happy Dreaming ...

fairbanks baby photographer machc photography

Not my images ... pictures from one of my clients. Isn't his room adorable?!

SO glad his mama sent these to me! We've been discussing his room since ... well, almost since he was conceived, right Darcy?!?! ;)

What many of you don't know is that I have clients of all backgrounds, all walks of life and I wouldn't be surprised if when Darcy had her little bundle of joy, she met one of my clients or someone who is now playing the game. And when they had to go back & spend time in the hospital because he was sick way too soon for a newborn, I know that it's possible some of you may have tended to him.

Thank you all for being part of an amazing circle.