Task #10: A Book's Best Friend

Before I reveal the next part of your challenge, Task #10 - I can't stress this enough

  1. read this whole post
  2. share your task AS FAST AS YOU CAN
  3. on the facebook fan page (any other submissions will not count until your task is posted)
  4. it's important to get this task done quickly, as that plays a part in the final task on Monday
  5. make sure you didn't leave anything out.  :)


Grab your favorite children's book.

Give me a self-portrait (use your arm or the timer on your point n' shoot or hand it over to another adult) ...

of YOU & YOUR KIDS (or grandkids or if neither of those live in your house with you - something that represents them - a framed picture ... a stuffed animal, you get the idea! ;) )

What is the shot of? You reading your favorite book to the little ones you love of course! ;)

Yes, we have to see your face. That's part of the fun!

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Some favorites from the cabin. I just love how when it's right, it's right. Lots of people, lots of clutter, lots of activity ... and yet, where does your eye go?

I love clean. But I love the realness of shooting toddlers in their element too.