Simply Sunday

I've had this running through my head for a while now ... these "Simply Sunday" posts ... only they were just a vague feeling ... a notion that we have something in common. Something we need to share with each other. Something that pulls us together. Little moments in time that make our life 'right', our day filled with more. I have no grand intention other than, maybe, to fill a book at the end of this journey ... to grow a little more every day ... maybe even to reach that small piece inside each of us that knows the days are passing all too quickly. The time is never 'right'. We have to make a conscious effort to not just remember things ... but to record them.

So "Simply Sunday" is my challenge to you. To all of us. Myself included. Take a picture. Write a post. Share a story. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Link here in the comments section. Visit other participants' blogs, facebook, tumblr spots, flickr pages  ... whatever they may have. And whatever you have left in the end, is what you have left ... if that is moments from every week, every other week or once a month.

Please join me in this journey to Simply Sunday.

A small glimpse of our afternoon. After a full, fun family swim. Moments both before {& after} lunch. Quiet serenity & a gaggle of giggles.

I want to remember my daughter has a favorite stuffed animal, her purple kitten & that her daddy can make her laugh about anything. I want to remember my son & his interest in puzzles. Enjoying the moment. To us, it's just simply Sunday.