It's what I do.

For any of you wondering what this was all about ... it turned into this. Yep, we made our own sun catcher folks. I have to say, it doesn't look *quite* as cool as theirs ... maybe it's because we didn't have oranges ... or pine tree branches ... or cranberries for that matter. But it was done on one of the frigid -40 below days ... so we set it outside & let'her freeze. (Very easy for the kids & they mostly just liked to eat what we put in our sun catcher ... so win-win for everyone.)

And to top it off, for those of you that know Erin over at The Pig Bear ... she is celebrating her 5-year blogiversary today & has plans for a huge giveaway birthday bash ... just sayin' you know ... just in case it seems relevant for you photogs to venture over that way today ;)

Loved the giggles here. I think he thought I was pretty crazy - letting him climb what-ever he wanted n' all ;)