She's Crafty! Shannon's Candy Cane Surprise

Shannon put together the cutest mice & horse heads for your candy canes this year - aren't these adorable! Perfect for the tree, the stockings or the classroom! Gotta love multi-functional ;) Supplies: Pattern for Mice or Horse Heads Felt - on sheet does either four mice or two horse heads rickrack (if doing the horse heads) something for eyes -- I used actual craft eyes, but you can cut yours from felt scraps or use buttons etc fuzzy ball for mouse nose (if you want I don't always do this) Glue -- I like Alenes but Elmers can work just fine in a pinch.

Prepare: 1. Print your patterns and gather your supplies.  Sometimes I will even pre-cut all the sections so the kids can just do the gluing and fun parts.

crafting MachC photography

2. I tend to try and maximize the space on each pattern and by cutting each element out and then laying it out on the felt I can get two full horses heads from one piece of felt.

3. Cut your felt pieces in half.  I do this so I can put the pattern on top of two sections so I cut them out together. This is not as critical for your mice, but that way you have two exact matching but opposite half's for the horse heads.

Don't forget to cut the fringe on the main or the slits for the ears on your mice.

Note: I used pinking sheers for the horse heads, but you can use them for the mice too, or you can use a straight blade.

Assemble: Mice: The mice are the easiest to do, so I like them for the littler kids in the group. a. Cut the ear section through the slits.


b. Slip the ear section through the slits, then glue on eyes.

c. Cut a small piece of felt to glue to the back side, this is to have a narrow opening and just there to help hold the candy cane in place. crafting fun

Horse Heads a. Cut out all the sections (I guess I did state that already!).

b. Put glue all around the outer edges of one of the horse heads -- see below.  They way I do it is to take off the pattern, then take the top piece off and set to the side so it mirrors the bottom piece. Then I put the glue on the bottom. That way I keep straight which side goes to which side.

Then put glue on one side of the mane and attach the non glued side to the back of the head with the glue. (see below). Then press together and let dry.

c. Cut out the rick rack to make the bridle. I cut two sections one about 1.75 inches long (remember you need two as there are two sides), I always measure after I cut the heads out to check the short section length. Cut a single length of 12 inches to be the other section of the bridle this section is glued to both sides in to create the loop so make sure you glue one end to each side for this.

d. add eyes

Last step to both is to add the candy canes!

Mice you slip them through pointy end to the head,and let the hook be the tail and hanger.

Horse head put the hook side up through the bottom of the horse, you won't hook it through the head (but you could alter the pattern to do so), and then hang by the bridle!


I love the vibrant colors & easy-to-do step-by-step - thanks for sharing, Shannon! You can find more of Shannon's work here, both from her former professional life & current personal world. She's very excited about the adventures ahead & would love to have people following her journey in photos! Thanks, Shannon!

She's Crafty!

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Links to the Patterns (thanks Shannon!)

ears & mane

horse head