She's Crafty! An Inspired Nursery

Today's post is from a friend, fellow teacher & another adoption-in-progress family, Cheri! Cheri is super crafty over at one of her hide-outs, The Paper Freak. Thanks for participating, Cheri! I'm so excited to have you join in on our She's Crafty series - because you are! :) I know (for myself & my readers) we are always on the look-out for super cute, super crafty nursery ideas ~ take it away Cheri!


I am very honored to post on Chelsey's blog today! Thank you for the opportunity! I've been dreaming about the nursery for our first child, and today's project is the product of some of the planning and dreaming I've been doing for a while now. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your own children's rooms - or even yours!
Pictured here are the supplies I used for my project. I'm mainly a papercrafter and rubber stamper, so I put to use some stamps I have in my stash. You could also use stencils or foam stamps. Make sure you protect your work surface; I'm using my non-stick craft sheet for easier clean up. Start with the shape(s) or letter(s) you want. I'm adorning my nursery wall with the word "baby".
Prepping the baby letters
Step 1. Seal the wood to get it ready for painting.
Step 2. Paint the shape with acrylic paint. Let it dry for an hour and then lay on a second coat.
Step 3. Now for the fun part! You can decorate your shape however you like. Since I have plenty of rubber stamps, I chose to stamp on the letters using a couple of large background stamps in a darker shade of green. I painted directly onto my craft sheet (you could use any non-porous surface as a palette) creating a thin, fairly uniform layer of paint. I picked up some of the paint onto my brayer and rolled it out onto my stamp surface (make sure it's a thin layer so you don't get a "ghost" image when you stamp), then stamped onto my letters. If the acrylic paint on your palette dries before you finish, just use a small amount of water to activate it again for the next use. Let the paint dry for about an hour before the final step.
painting away!
the letter B, all dressed up
*Note*: if you use rubber stamps, be sure to thoroughly clean the paint off them as soon as you finish - if it dries for too long, it may be stuck permanently.
Step 4. Apply a coat of varnish to finish the project and let it dry according to the bottle directions; you might want to add a total of 2-3 coats. All done? Hang it up!
Baby Letters for the Nursery
You can follow the same process for any wood or paper mache shape. You can also try freehand drawing, stickers, adhering scrapbook paper, die cuts or adding some 3D embellishments after varnishing. This is a great project for kids, too! Depending on the age of your children, you may have to do the prep and finish work for them.

I hope you enjoyed today's crafty project!


Thanks, Cheri! What a cute way to add some fun to baby's room!

I love that you could easily use this for your child's name or even a word you love or want your family to live by, & hang it up in the family room. The perfect inspiration as we head into the last week in December!