She's Crafty! Amii's Modern Advent Calendar

Amii is one of my good friends & fellow comrade (a partner in crime in both the mommy & photographer world), so showing this off to you today provides an extra bit of giddiness for me. From the moment I saw it, I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing, Amii! For the rest of you ... enjoy ~ you guys are in for such a treat! Take it away Amii! Amii W's living room before MachC Photography: She's Crafty! series

The yellow room is the BEFORE picture of what it looked like before we decided to go modern and sleek.  That room is very typical/traditional for all the other homes in our neighborhood which is completely not our style.  We love the urban/downtown loft feel and while we love to live in the suburbs (down the street from my parents!), we still wanted that trendy modern feel for the inside of our home.

Amii W MachC She's Crafty Series

All carpets were pulled up to reveal the concrete slab and we just had it sanded/finished.  The walls were painted a navy color and a white leather couch replaced the basic mustard yellow couches.  Ceiling fan was taken out and replaced with recessed lighting and while the fireplace is still not what we want, it works in the space for now.  We recently replaced the mirror above the mantel with a large flat-screen tv where I can display my favorite photos through Apple TV.  LOVE that!

For Christmas, I wanted to do an Advent calendar for my 6 year old but I knew that I wanted it to be homemade but modern looking at the same time so I found the idea for the simple tree advent calendar on a family site (Advent Calendar instructions can be found here).  I used thick cardstock in various shades of green, used double-sided tape to make the trees and then used a 1" circle die-cut to make the circles with the numbers.  My son is in love with Legos right now so I bought a Lego Advent calendar set and took out the individual poly-bagged figures to hide inside my trees. Amii W's modern advent

MachC She's Crafty: Amii W MachC: Amii W. She's Crafty!

The advent is the FIRST thing my son does in the morning!  He loves getting to open up a treat each day before school and seeing how many days are left until Christmas.  I think we have found our newest tradition!  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Amii! Thanks for sharing your creative talents - love the final look!