She's Crafty: a festive holiday wreath & the happy holiday shirt

I am really exited about these new few weeks! Now through the end of the year, I am gearing up to bring you my "She's Crafty!" series, where you get to see some wonderfully fabulous projects put together by some fun, funky, genuine, caring, creative guest bloggers! If you are interested in being a part of the contributing community, send me an email with your post content & snapshots - it's going to be a lot of fun! I definitely don't want anyone to miss out! To kick things off, I thought I'd share a recent project that we worked on that will be easy-enough for most of you to do now that the holiday season is in full swing!

To start with, you'll need some fabric - of any kind! I let my kids & Mr. MachC pick out five fabrics (whatever they wanted - I honestly wanted them to contribute, so to me the "look" wasn't as important as just the fun & family of it), 1 yard each. We ended up with plenty of fabric - probably enough to finish the "mini" wreath that I'm thinking about. Whoohoo! Bonus :)

One fabric I cut myself, the others were easy to rip - so I cut the start of each row, but let our 4 year old rip the fabric - that was definitely the highlight in his book! And if you have a little boy, I highly recommend this uhhhh "technique" ;) as it really does make it more fun for them.  Think 1-2 inches in width for each piece. I just eyed it.

After that, it really was as simple as tying the fabric onto our wreath. I just picked up some wire ones that we could tie the fabric on to, but you could easily use an old wreath you have lying around the house or one you buy. Tie the fabric strips (I wrapped mine twice and then double knotted them.) and voila! Your holiday wreath is complete! Easy & simple. Wish I had thought of it myself ;) seems like the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Ours has a nice festive, non-traditional look to it, don'tcha think? ;)

Here's the other project I finished recently! A quick recap: I just bought those pre-wrapped "fat quarter" squares (18" x 21") you'll find at the fabric & craft stores in a variety of colors & fabrics. These particular ones had a Christmas theme ;). Got some HeatnBond while I was there at the fabric-craft store and from there, it's as simple as it sounds! Apply the fabric to the heatnbond (directions are right there) then cut out your shape - in our case a couple of Christmas trees and an 'I' along with a heart. You've created your iron-on! Now, just iron the fabric onto the shirt and you're done!

You could always sew the edges to reinforce the iron-on (but I'm not a sew master, so for now ... it is what it is! ;) )

The kids loooooved their holiday shirt surprise and even got compliments the first day they wore them - no one can resist handmade shirts on a kid! ;)

What are some of the projects you're working on in your home?

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