MachC Mentoring & A Fun Guest Post!

I have to say, I am having soooooo much fun with the She's Crafty! series & judging by the comments & emails and everything else, I'd say you all are too! I still have a few posts up my sleeve that you guys are going to love ~ stay tuned! In the meantime, for my fellow photographer followers out there, a new offering you aren't going to want to miss, happening in just about a week! Space is limited, but you can reserve your seat here and get an additional coupon off your next class! A sweet holiday deal! If you have any questions, just drop me a quick email. I wanted to open up the first few seats just for you guys.

For clients & friends (& non-photographers) ~ don't feel left out! I have some fun stuff up my sleeve just for you coming in the New Year ... stay tuned!

And for the fun news! If you want to see my guest post on our Alaskan Family Adoption, head over to My Crazy Adoption & check it out! Thanks, Kari!