Happy December!

Sorry for the quiet lull here in blogville. There has been some major sickness to contend with here me being the top contender & the prize-winning champ. I know, it's as great as it sounds! It's amazing how quickly one can get sick & just as quickly how the house & blogging fall to the wayside; funny enough, they seem to go hand-in-hand. So please hang-tight & try to be patient with me as I try to climb my way back to health-ville. But on the plus side, we are literally this close to the shortest day of the year - and then we start gaining daylight! Now that is something I know we can all get on-board with. And just for those of you that may be curious as to how far North we actually are: the sun rise today was at 10:19am, it then set at 3:00pm for a whopping 4hours 40 minutes and 38 seconds of daylight. We still have about 1 full hour of daylight to lose over these coming weeks before we start 'going the other way'. Wild to think about isn't it!

With that thought, I leave you with this little cutie-patootie, all of about about six to six and a half months. Have I mentioned how much I love this age? ;) I know 'newborn' photography is still rather new here and moms aren't always sure what to expect. A great alternative is to snag your baby in that 6-9 month age range. So for moms nervous about a newborn session or who have passed that point already (baby is already older than 2 weeks), this age range is the perfect portrait time. All smiles & love I tell ya! (Sometimes all gums too ;) which definitely passes for beyond adorable!)

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