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Darcy & I had been planning this for months. I gave her a quick sneak peek ... but wanted to hold off on some more until we reached those last few weeks that we all remember so vividly. The planning, the waiting, the anticipating all gives way to nervous nesting, wishes, hopes, dreams and an unwavering desire - no need - to meet your baby. Not in four weeks, not in three weeks ... not on the due date ... but now. You can't wait any longer. The sleepless nights. The tossing & turning. The aches & pains. And truthfully, the anticipation and love that seems to be bursting from your heart and a way you feel like only you know & can describe. So while Darcy & Josh eagerly await their little Cohen who will make his grand appearance sometime late November/early December, I thought I would share a few more with them & with you. I don't think there could be anything more beautiful than a maternity session to celebrate the impending change ... the "moment before" your world was never the same. Darcy & Josh jumped in full force and came ready & prepared with clothing changes & items that are already in Cohen's room, waiting to be slobbered on just by him ;) . Needless to say, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day ... there is just so much about this session I love & adore ... hard to put into words!

And for those who have silently wondered, Darcy was 'brave enough' (I say that because I know she was nervous to ask, but really, it's a brilliant idea!) to discuss getting her hair & make-up done ahead of time for the session. This my friends, is an excellent way to start your day before our session together! There is something marvelous & magnificent about getting pampered before the session ... but also to treat yourself to feel as beautiful as you are! At the last minute Darcy ended up doing her own make-up (which turned out fabulously), but got her hair done by Jessica, over at Team Cutters. Thank you, Jessica! The camera noticed! We love it!

MachC Photography

Darcy couldn't have picked out better clothing! Textures, colors galore!!! She brought the clothes she loved the most & we went to town so I could help her pick what would look best on her - and on camera. She made it soooo easy!

MachC Photography newborn maternity photographer

Really, the light & mood couldn't have been more perfect. They were up for anything & came ready to relax, have fun be themselves and let the session unfold before them. I love it when it works out like this!

And of course, being a referral from another client is a huge honor for me as well ... I can't say it enough! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful clients who get it, bring their A-game, and have a genuine love & appreciation for photography in their home.

Thank you Darcy & Josh! (And Cohen too ... cause you're in these - each & every frame!) The pieces of the puzzle are coming together ... I couldn't be happier for you & your family-to-be!

If you are interested in booking a session with MachC Photography, please use the contact button on this page. Spring is another beautiful time of year to get very similar results to what you see above, especially when it comes to fun silhouettes! Happy reading!