Funny Faces | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

Can you believe this weather?!?! I hope everyone is home, safe & sound ... maybe even enjoying some family time. I've been meaning to share these fun lunch ideas for a while now and what better day than today! If you haven't tried making "funny face" lunches for you & the kids, there's no better day than today! It makes for a lot of fun, giggles & smiles. I think for some kids it also encourages them to enthusiastically ;) eat what is on their plate ... after-all, the portion size is small and it's FUN!

Most of these are ones I made for the kids ... but a few are from other sources ... I won't name names I like to drag other people into my world of creative crazy every now & again ;).

Did you notice the variety that was tucked in? Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, avocado, turkey, ham, green beans, raspberries, strawberries ... lime! I'm a big fan of using left-overs for the faces ;)

Need even more inspiration? Check out these PLATES this blogger made after finding some inspiration on her own! Yep, you could have your own plate family!

If you make a funny face for lunch anytime soon, link it in the comments here or send it to me - I'd love to share & showcase! ;)