Five on Friday | When Life Inspires

I've been getting more emails, texts & personal visits to see what you've all done in person with your wall decor and I have to say ... I am loving every minute of it!

1. Simply put: "When life inspires our home, our home will inspire our life." ~Melissa Michaels

I don't think this quote could be any more true than in the homes of my clients, where life & love inspire our child and family sessions together ... and home inspires our lives from the inside.

2. Some great examples of letting your family photographs become your works of art, hanging on the wall. There is simply no better way to decorate than to showcase the love & happiness your family shares. Even the 18 month old of this household was telling me alllll about "dada" & pointing to a row of photographs that included him, daddy & his brother skipping rocks together ... followed by a word that very much resembled "brother", I am sure of it.

MachC Walls MachC Photography

MachC Walls MachC Photography 2

3. These are recent shares from this family ... a collection of two sessions displayed & photographed for us to see. (Living room & downstairs bar. Love the creative use of print wraps to fill an unusual space too!)

MachC Walls MachC Photography

4. And another family from this summer, filling some spaces on the walls in their loved & lived in living room (I think this is where they spend most of their time) ... now I look at these and the space they fill & I simply can't imagine anything else in their place! (I think their mama feels the same.)

MachC Photography Family Walls

5. Do you still need MORE inspiration? Well then, I will direct you to the National Association of Professional Child Photographers Parent Blog. Just to get a taste of what's to come over there ...

Alright, who else is ready to send in some snapshots of what they've done? I know you all tell me you're going too! I am ready! :D

Happy Friday!