Under the Weather

While this post could relate to all the snow we've gotten in the past few days ... alas, it does not. We (meaning me for the most part, followed by kids or dad here & there) have been under the weather. Last week hit & it hit us hard. That cold that's going around? Yep ... it stopped by for a visit (and I'm still trying to find the energy that I had before it knocked me upside the head!). Some sort of weird viral flu-bug thing? Yep, one of the kiddos had that too. We have, indeed, been under the weather. But I am using that in past tense ... because WE are determined to feel better. :) Now. :D Good news is always on the horizon :)

As I was typing this our monthly newsletter arrived in my inbox. Yes, this seems to be the most wonderful time of the year! Lots of referrals, lots of families who are traveling or getting ready to travel ... the anticipation of a busy "fall" (of course we are in winter now, so I guess it's all relative! ) ...

10.5 weeks until Christmas. Wow, that really says it all doesn't it?

And since really, what good is a post without a photograph to bring it to life? Lots going on behind-the-scenes (yes, even with being sick - the show must go on) ... designing is no exception. So here's a quick snag from a recent grandparent book ... I'm pretty sure the grandparents don't read my blog ... but if they do (Karla!), clue me in so I can take this off!!! ;)

MachC Photography Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

MachC Photography