Five on Friday | I need Africa more

Kind of a special Five on Friday today ... it's the 29th ... which means not only is it "Five on Friday" ... but it's also time for the much awaited for update. I would say that makes this a pretty darn special Friday ;) 1. I saw a shirt the other day that read:

"Yes, I am still adopting. No, I haven't heard anything yet. But each day brings me closer to my child." (For those days that are long on waiting & short on patience ... thought it was perfect!)

I smile each time I get an email ... a quick note ... a FB message ... a pause in conversation asking us about our baby ... thank you - each & every one of you. It means so much to me that you take the time to ask.

I found this blog recently and am really enjoying the few posts I've had the chance to read. (Cause I don't know about you, but reading on my own, is a luxury around here! ;) ) She's so honest ... and real ... and funny :)

2. I've come across this out there in cyberspace & blogville ... too good not to share

3. I read this mom's story ... the journey to her daughter ... just the other day. I read with intense emotion, smiles and tears when she talked about seeing K's mom in her last few moments alone with Charlotte. It's hard to imagine and yet ... as I'm sure most of us do ... you can feel yourself watching it all unfold as you read each word.

4. A link to the Redbook article on The Girl Who Changed Katherine Heigl's Life. Loved what her mom had to say about everything ... so true ...

5. So let's get you up to speed ... in the time that's passed we've: completed more paperwork (I know, you're surprised, admit it! ;) ), taken pictures of our home and our life to finish up our dossier, mailed more materials to our agency, read more books & blogs than you can shake a stick at (true!), and picked up library books that have been useful & valuable to our family (like, "Waiting for May" and "William is My Brother"). I've also taken a travel webinar & missed the nutrition webinar (ack! yes, this is what happens when you're too busy for your own good - thank goodness it was recorded so I can listen to it later!). We talked and met other families who are interested in adoption and/or going through the process themselves. It's been a full 30 days for sure! (Oh and one small thing, we have about 49 families ahead of us ;) the little victories. Skimmers, did you catch that? ;) )

And if you made it this far! You're in it for the long haul with us, right? :) We have some ideas about to boil over here and well, I could definitely use some more mental man (woman) power. We are quite possibly thinking of a sort of ... raffle, I guess you'd call it? So I'm trying to get a feel for one last item that we can include in our raffle that might be something of interest for all of you out there in cyberspace ... any suggestions?