Five on Friday | Blog-Town

Some blogs that I've been reading & enjoying as of late ... some very new to me, some ... old favorites. As those of us in the interior hunker down & head into winter, I thought I'd give us a few things to read over the weekend. Enjoy! 1. A (new-to-me) blog recommended by my friend (and early mentor ;) ) Rebecca. (Yes, guest blogger Rebecca ;) )

2. Almost always get busy & forget about Unclutter ... and then get a gentle nudge by the universe that leads me over that way on a day they are discussing mail centers & where clutter may be hiding in your home. Umm-hmmm.

3. Rage Against ... the MiniVan ... her What I Want You To Know series, daily life & one of the recent entries about the adoption conference she attended have me all ears ... but a good chuckle (probably because it's allllll too familiar) came with this blog post & other things I can't remember.

4. Not a blog. But a short documentary very close to my heart. I hope you'll take a minute to watch it.

5. On one final note ... I have been sooooo sick this week & have just been trying to get by day-by-day. So if you are waiting on a sneak peek ;) know that it is coming very, very soon! (Promise!) Galleries are also going up in a few days (yes, galleries! you know who you are! :D). And (yes AND!) a quick little memo that all of the iPhone cases for that little secret squirrel thing that some of you got in the (virtual) mail this week ... are snatched up! There are still a few places left - but when the tough get going, the going get tough ... ;) Happy Weekend!