Five on Friday

1. You know what is particularly crazy? ... That just a short 10 days from now ... is NOVEMBER FIRST!!! *that was my jaw hitting the floor* I'm pretty sure that can't be right. 2. I did ask on the Facebook Fan Page, but wanted to ask here as well for those who don't visit both (and if you aren't, why not?! ;) ). I'm working on some behind-the-scenes stuff & would love to hear your questions! They can be custom photography related, session related or if you are a photographer and have a question that relates to that side of things, you can submit those as well.

3. Love this:  The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your actions will be. -Dalai Lama

(three and a half ;) )

4. Seriously ... we are going to have to make these Chocolate Pumpkin Halloween ... Pancakes :D yep ... take a look-see. Ooooh the kids are gonna loooove these!

5. Wow! Been on the look-out for some baby room/nursery inspiration lately and I think I may have found just the right website real estate at Project Nursery. Just go ahead & jump to the part where they talk about the walls setting the stage. Yup. Pretty much. Kinda reminds me of this one's room. ;)

Happy Friday!