Five on Friday

1. Everything is possible. When you make a choice, you change the future. -Deepak Chopra 2. Ummmm, personally, I LOVE Ellen's "weekend links" idea ;) haha (it sure would take the pressure off, huh!)

3. Totally melting over the clothing here and here. Just too darn cute!

4. Lots n' lots n' lots happened this week ... still getting over colds (typical) and trudging through ... I have one little client who is in Anchorage undergoing lots of tests :( so send him lots of love, prayers & positive thoughts (and as far as I know, he's my only little client to have a heart procedure too - yep, he's a trooper!). I have another itty-bitty client who has a double ear infection (ack! no fun) ... and on the plus side ... another client who is off to renew their vows this weekend (whoohoooo!). Happy news :) Love getting caught up & hearing what everyone's up to!

5. And this client ... this one has been (patiently) waiting for a sneak peek ... I'm waiting for the big news ;)

Could they be any cuter? Kinda makes you wanna fall in love & have a baby huh ;) ... Happy Friday everyone