The Visual Memory of Love & Family

Their mom & I have conspired behind the scenes now a few times in an effort to do just what she so eloquently wrote about, given why this is so important to her, "It creates the visual memory of a time which is amazing as the kids change every day. The slice of who they are in THIS minute is great to capture." I couldn't agree more - and that's what we set out to do! To capture Dale, Josh & Ingrid - at 8, 6, and 3 ... who they are now, today, to put up on their walls to remember tomorrow and next year. I can't say it enough: every child should grow up with photographs of them, their siblings & their parents that decorate their home. There is so much warmth & love that radiates from a home filled with photographs of a child as they are growing up. I loooove that mom not only dresses the kids so cute, but brings fun props along too! This year: planes, HUGE sunflowers (of all colors!) and top hats of course! :D

You can see more of their session here (mom ended up getting all three of those photographs in various sizes) ... and ever wonder what a difference a year makes? Check out that link ;) . I wanted to include a few of my favorites here ... don't forget to contact me if you want to do a quick 'holiday test-run' ~ enjoy!

MachC Photography kids

I seriously love this photograph. I'm glad mom did too!

MachC Fairbanks Child Photographer