The Family of 3 at 2 (months)

Many, many moons ago I was contacted by this one's Auntie (we went to high school together & had played on the softball fields for as long as I can remember!) ... "Photographer of capturing beauty of the North!" is what she referred to me as ~ ha! But man, when someone crowns you with such a title ... you have to try & live up to the name! ;) And clearly when her little nephew flew North ... I had to be in charge of capturing this beauty of the North. Grandma & Auntie would have it no other way! And after our morning together, I hope that little Wave's mama & daddy would feel the same. Not only were they a lot of fun to work with ... they were also so calm & present - tending to whatever their little one needed and just being in the moment with him. Laughing & cuddling as needed. This, my friends, is part of what allowed the next sequence of images to unfold ... ever so gently. In the house dad grew up in ... the house where Baby Wave will get to know his Grams & Gramps. Probably my favorite couple of images from their session. New parents doing what they do best ... basking in the glow of paternity & maternity leave & really getting to know their little one for who he is & what he has brought to their lives.

Baby Family Photographer Fairbanks Alaska

This is the result of a bond that is so deep ... that it's even hard to describe.

So I didn't. I just set out to photograph it.

MachC Photography Fairbanks PhotographerAnd just as magically, the rest of our session date produced beautiful light, happy smiling faces, cuddle time, laughs and even a sleeping baby. {sigh} It's what it's all about.

Baby Photographer in Fairbanks Alaska

Thank you to everyone who rallied to make this session possible ... it's life in the making. I can't wait to show you guys the rest! Soon! ;)