Show Me What I'm Looking For | Five on Friday

1. Okay, who are my music fans out there? What do you all think of Carolina Liar? I really only know their radio song Show Me What I'm Looking For catchy-catchy ... anybody like anything else they are doing? 2. In case you missed some of my Facebook shares ... check out Pottery Barn's Inspiring Wall Solutions idea section. Love how they show you how you can combine images that are framed & matted and images just framed alone. I think it's just a great visual for how to combine multiple prints, styles & groupings (canvases & prints). Very eclectic but pulled together. A few of my clients do this look in their own homes! I love it! :) It's so alive & energetic. I think my faves are the black & whites with the ampersand.

3. The other article that was a huge hit: Decorating with Family Photos (of course!) ... even some photographer friends shared it with their own family, friends & clients. Love the idea of bringing together all of your random wall frames, spraying them a collective color and pulling them together for one dramatic display - I'd love to do something like that! Wheels are turning ... :D (of course I also love the idea of a patchwork grid and have been cooking that dream up as well ...)

4. Speaking of wall portraits & family galleries! We are getting some kickin' wall displays going this year! (We meaning me & my clients ;) ) I can't wait until some of these are up & photographed. You guys are really taking the "go BIG" wall portrait displays to heart & knocking it out of the park!

5. And I think I'll use this time to share a recent email from a client of mine ... well, a client 3-families deep! ;) Katie wrote me to share their finished anniversary gift to Lonny & Michele - 30 amazing years! Katie & crew used a shot from our session together last summer and then her & Matt gathered up responses, wishes & thoughts from family & friends to complete the collage. What a wonderful idea! I love it, Katie! You pulled it all together so well! (She told me of this idea way back when ;) ) Thanks for taking the time to share it! I love showing off how creative all my clients are.

MachC Photography Photographer Fairbanks

Crazy to think another week in September is behind us!

And if you were looking for wall display ideas today ... you came to the right place ;) Happy Friday