Not So Wordless Wednesday

So I'll cut to the chase. I've been thinking about this post. A lot. People (clients, friends, photographers, photographer-friends, neighbors :) ) have been reminding me about this post & asking for the 'next installment'; update v 2.0. We received some very exciting news recently that very much pertains to this post. ;) Folks, all paperwork aside (finally!), we have made it to 'the list'! Yay!!! This means we are family 59 - yes, with 58 families ahead of us ... but for a large, established agency, to me this actually doesn't seem or feel like too much. We've come so far; this feels a lot closer than where we were. :) That's news that makes my heart sing. That so-called "magic number 58" includes all of the other families, using our agency, that are also going through this process (at various stages of course). This means it includes the few that are now requesting siblings ... the more that are open to a single child or siblings (whichever comes first) ... half that are looking for a little girl ... the other half that are open to either a boy or girl (that's us!), etc., etc. So while it may seem daunting from the outside looking in, we are actually very, very excited and feel like the timing couldn't be more perfect.

By the way ... if you are noticing the date ... yes ... that is on purpose. ;) I have decided to update on the 29th of every month (well ;) ) until we start getting more news, quicker, that allows me to update sooner. Make sense? Clear as mud! ;)

Every Friday our agency sends out a newsletter-update of sorts ... filled with information, links and the wonderful news of how many families received referrals that week, how many families accepted a referral, how many families are traveling, what travel group is now in Ethiopia, etc. As you can imagine, Friday has become a very sacred day for me. One that I very much look forward to. Did I mention I am already counting down the days? ;)

The Courts reopened yesterday (the 28th), which is very exciting news for those who have been waiting to travel! There is also a local family that we've been keeping up with and we just got some email correspondence going with a family in Kodiak that is much on the same time line as us!

All-in-all ... a not-so-wordless-Wednesday ... but ... I think it's okay to stray from that ... just for today ... sometimes you just have to tell people what's going on, right ;)

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