Just a little scheduling update | Fairbanks Photographer

Hard to believe, but it's that time of year! Fall, family, Seniors ~ a crispness to the air that just wasn't there before. I love this time of year & find such beauty in it. For those who've heard faint whispers, yes, I was able to finagle some things and open up a few additional session slots for this fall. All of my clients who've been with me over the years know this is huge (in fact, some of the spots went before I even had a chance to mention anything anywhere!). Fall (and early winter) sessions here have been booked up since sometime in July.

So if you've been one of those that put it off & put it off ... hoping to snag a spot only to find out all the sessions were booked ... now is your chance! I have one session date available in about 3 weeks. Get in touch with me if you'd like it to be yours! Yes, THE last session of the year! (Minus all those cute winter babies, of course ;) )

A recent Fairbanks-North Pole Senior session.

Fairbanks North Pole Senior Photographer

I photographed her sister just a few years ago ... I love getting to see my families 'grow up'! And I swear it's all I could do to not call her by her sister's name! ;)