Five on Friday | Craft it Yourself (with the Kids)

Did temps seem to just drop overnight?!?! And, as one of my friends said this week, 'did we miss the birds flying South? that should have been our first clue!' Brrrrrrr. So maybe we can start this change in seasons off right ... a list of crafty projects to do with the kids perhaps? Have some great ideas of your own? Share or leave a link in the comments section below! 1. Paper Owl Mobile - I was thinking just what Joel mentioned ~ letting the kids color it or decorate it before cutting it out. Definitely a project for you & an older child, one you can do yourself for baby's room or let the toddlers and preschoolers in your life help you out with coloring & taping ;)

2. Shaving Cream Art - yes, shaving cream art! I haven't done it at home (yet), but have seen it in the classroom and the kids LOVE it. LOVE IT. (I have done ketchup, mustard and other colorful table top items & given them free reign in the high chair. Another huge hit with the kids, especially when they are younger & you have to worry more about them eating it ... or you know, taste-testing at the very least! ;) )

3. And while we're at it! Smocks for the kids! (I know, super cute right :D ) ... maybe Granny is reading right now & can pick some up for the kids for Christmas ;)

4. Totally forgot about the Leaf Print project ... where you have paper, leaves that you guys have collected together and either paint or crayons (or maybe both!). Simply lay the paper flat on the table, leaf underneath, using the crayon to rub/shade the leaf onto the paper. (If you are using paint, do it in reverse: put the paint on the leaf itself and then "stamp" it onto the paper.) Perfect for this time of year!

5. Some great no-fuss craft ideas to add to your back pocket! And jackpot! It looks like Amber has a special promotion going on right now (2-for-1) on her Everyday Craft book - can't beat that! A fantastic Friday indeed!

Happy Friday! Happy Five!

Enjoy your weekend!