A quick peek | 6-top served.

I know a few people here who are patiently waiting for their piece of pie post ... maybe I shouldn't even write/talk! ;) This might be one of those cases where a picture really does speak a thousand words ;) . I also had to take time to share a few of these to show everyone who doesn't live here what it's like "here" right now ... yes, we are in the middle of fall ... and yes, the trees have turned. Our days are getting cooler & shorter ... and it's just seasonally gorgeous. So today I present to you a wonderfully unique, creative crew that keeps me laughing while slightly off kilter on my toes ... let's hope these sneak peeks make it all the way to Dublin! ;)

september fall family photography in fairbanks alaska

Love that sense of brotherhood ... seems to be a theme for this crew ;)

Fairbanks Alaska Sibling Teen PhotographerTotally loved Karla rockin' out her new coat ... the back-lighting, the shades ... and well behaved teens & tweens in the background ... icing on the cake! Personality plus. I love that they always bring it!

And of course, not to leave out the other children ... but, us middle children need a spotlight of our own sometimes too! ;)

Fairbanks PhotographerHope you guys are having a fantastic get-away!

(Okay... I've calculated 6am Wed your time ... hopefully you're checking soon! ;) )

Enjoy your peek!