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It was a little more than a year ago when I first decided that moving my business more & more toward the "green" edge, being environmentally friendly and in the realm of "think global, act local". I've just always felt it was an important stance for my business to take. So at that time I began moving my "paperwork" system to a "virtual paperwork" reality, giving my clients the opportunity to also 'go paperless' & waste just a little less. I try to recycle & reuse what I can, including packaging that comes from my vendors when possible. I also began consciously seeking out other vendors with the same attitude. Everything in moderation, right? If we all do our 'little part' - then every little bit helps. One of the things I added this year was the idea of a reusable, user-friendly bag. I hated the idea that the previous packaging/bags I was using were probably just being tossed & thrown away. I wanted something that could be toted to the library or used as an eco-friendly grocery/shopping bag. When I found these, I was hooked!

MachC Photography

MachC Photography

MachC Photography

All of my clients receive a bag (well, several packed full! ;) ) that, hopefully, is the type of gift that keeps on giving. I also try to do the same with my packaging & shipping, whether I'm shipping out of town, out of state or locally, I try to include eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

MachC Photography Packaging

MachC Photography Eco Packaging

So what's the "& More" part, right? Well, I also wanted to up the ante with our own boutique studio. While I loved the smaller, gift prints and their packaging, something was missing. Again, I felt that extra "boxes upon boxes" to package small prints in was a little overkill. And, when I talked to clients a little more in-depth, I realized there was something we were missing, *I* was missing, that would make the biggest difference in the lives of the busy moms I work with. You see, besides being green & as eco-friendly as we can be, I have also tried to base my business on the busy moms & parents that I work with. I don't want time to be wasted and when it comes right down to it, I actually want to save you time.  :) So late this winter, early spring, I launched the next phase of Matted Gift Prints.

MachC Photography Fairbanks Photographer

MachC Photography

Yes, every Gift Print comes matted, ready to display as is on a table-top art easel or ready to frame. I cannot even tell you how many clients have told me that they've run over to Fred's or JoAnn's during their lunch break or after the kids were in bed that night and got their frames *just like that*. Giving the prints to you ready-to-go, already matted not only frees up your time & energy, but also allows you to get your prints up on the wall quicker while also knowing that you are getting a product that is unique to our area and our market. I love that! It has me over-the-moon excited to share the Matted Gift Prints on the blog now, after receiving *such* a great response from all my spring & summer clients. I can't wait for those of you with fall & winter sessions to see!

But wait, there's more! ;) As the busy season is in full swing, I'm also testing new products to see what is a 'must' to bring to the MachC product line. Well, let's just say I have something that looks like this ... and is a lot like the brag books that you all love soooooo much ... only bigger!

If you'd like to see it in person (or trust me enough to know it's something you'd want! ;) ) ... let me know. I'm offering the first five (5) clients who contact me a discount on one (or more, if you'd like to purchase more than one) for themselves (or you know, to gift for the holidays ;) ). So contact me & I'll fill you in on the details. And yes, even if you have YET to have your session because it's coming up here in August or September, etc. - you can still touch base with me & reserve your book & discount for when your session gets here.