Fresh Friday 5 On The Wild Side | Fairbanks AK Photographer

Through a friend of a friend, I've been asked through the grapevine if I just have a "junkyard" of trucks, cars, mechanical equipment - you name it - sitting on hand, waiting for the perfect photo shoot. I wish! It doesn't quite work that way. ;) However, I have had my fair share of cars & trucks, new & old and even more to come. So to photograph my first Aston Martin (without even knowing what an Aston Martin was, sssshhhhh, don't mention that part to anyone who knows cars - they would be mortified) ... this was a real treat. I'd like to dedicate this Fresh Friday 5 to drivin' on the wild side.

1. Our beauty shot ;)

MachC Photography

2. In a very short amount of time ...

MachC Photography Fairbanks Photographer

3.  We rocked it & pulled together the perfect James Bond scene.

Alaska Photographer Aston Martin Blue

4.  They got this one in metallic. It is awesome. Beyond awesome. It has such a real life, 3-D quality to it.

MachC Photography

5.  (And if you have kids, turn their eyes here - not promoting smoking ... just styling & having fun with the shoot.)

MachC Photography Aston Martin

All in a day's work ;)  ... Happy Friday 5.