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It may take me all summer (do we have any of that left? anyone know?!) but I *will* catch up with some long overdue blogging. Not that I haven't been busy enough! Just more behind-the-scenes that I want to share. And that, is where we will start! :) Fall is about family ... and Senior Season is in full swing! So naturally, with those two things on my mind, have to share more from this family ... of waaaaaay more than 6, but just four left in the house so that was our focus. Hopefully one of these days when the others are up here, we'll sneak them into a few shots too ;).

I think this is the only one I showed from their session (yep, here it is)

MachC Photography

... so I'll just rattle off a few more & see if I have any stories to tell to go with them!

This one was in the early stages of our session ... you know you're dealing with a great group of tweens & teens when you tell them to hold mom & dad's hands ... and they do! (Not without a little ribbing & eye-rolling of course ;) but they were troopers.)

MachC Photography

Love the love & happiness here. And there's another story before this shot ... the one that's hugging dad with all his might? Well ... let's just say that we are definitely in different generations ;) and when I was trying to explain something - using letter-lingo ... almost like texting abbreviations ... yeah... WWF (which I've since learned is WWE - so that might have been part of the confusion as well) doesn't translate very well it turns out. Thank goodness he blurted out what he was thinking so I could ensure him that was not what I was thinking & reel him back on to the same page. It definitely gave me a good laugh though!

Fairbanks Family Photographer

And this is one of those reasons why I love shooting on-location ... especially at my clients' homes: using things in & around the house and the property that are meaningful to them. How many times do I get to use a dock in a family session? And it was perfect! We almost got everyone barefoot too ;)

MachC Photography

LOVED this barn. Loved that ice cream & rain were on the menu :D

A laugh this genuine ... pretty much only comes from mom. (Thank goodness she was on my side! ;) )MachC Photography

I still smile when I see this shot ... with the glasses. Yes, he 'stole' dad's aviator glasses when no one was looking ... when no one was paying attention. Mom warned told me that he's the kid in the family who's sole purpose is to make everyone laugh. I think this just documents it further. And you know what? This one is hanging up in the house ... my guess is that it's pretty reflective of them & each of their personalities. And that's what I love.

MachC Photography

Freckles. Need I say more?!?!

MachC PhotographyCan't wait to do it all again!