The Magnificent Middle | Fairbanks (Chicago) Child Photographer

We met up with my friend Kate while visiting Chicago (oooh, back at the start of summer ... but shhhhh! who's mentioning that?!?!!!). Not only did I finally get to meet her in person after knowing each other professionally for several years now, but I also got to meet her adorable children! They all three have such an adventurous spirit that I only hope I was able to capture on camera. But, that will have to come in a later post. First I have to share a special post just for this one here because truthfully, when I saw this shot, I thought it deserved it's own post. You see, I, too, am a middle child of sorts (the age difference in our family also gave me the chance to be a first born in our crew - I probably have the best & worst of both worlds ;) ha!). So I'd like to think we 'got' each other. Out of all the images I captured of him, I believe this is the one that pulls at my heart-strings & says so much about him & who he is. It was only a brief moment ... in between running & chasing & playing with all the other kids (four of them under five).

I think what I love the most, is if I look closely enough ... I see a small glimpse of the young man behind those eyes of a child. He has a special place in his  heart just for his mama.

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