Miss Makena | a quick peek {Fairbanks Baby Photographer}

Sometimes when I go into a session, the best finds are those that neither of us (me or mom) have thought much about. Little Makena's room was definitely at the top of the 'shoot list' once I walked in. The light set the bar and the decor and attention to detail was there to match! I know I told Allison a million times ;) while I was there, but the flowering tree is just amazing! Of course, not to be outdone, (almost) 7 month old little Makena set the stage showing us her best 'flying birdie' move from the crib. Isn't she adorable?! And her hair totally reminds me of this little one here! (The great grandchildren section - 2nd row ;) )

MachC PhotographyFairbanks Photographer

Did you notice her baby bracelet? See, I told you mom's attention to detail is exquisite.

I can't wait to show you guys the rest! This is one of those sessions that makes me fall in love with this age all over again. Thank you for the chance to photograph your little one, Allison, but also to meet your parents & your husband. How lucky are we that the stars aligned?! :) I should have your gallery ready soon ... stay tuned!