Fresh Friday Five | MachC Photography Fairbanks Photographer

Another installment of Fresh Friday Five? You bet'cha! (Said in my best Marge Gunderson voice ... anyone? anyone? ;) ) 1. Word on the street, we hit 85 yesterday ... and may be headed for more of the same today ...

2. Wouldn't you like to be driving this in this weather?

MachC Photography Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

3. MachC Photography Fairbanks Photographer

4. Sexy, sexy huh. (Great! now what kind of google hits am I gonna get with that?! Cars folks. Cars.)

5. I'll definitely be blogging more of this session. Cause really, how many times does one get to photograph an Aston Martin in their lifetime? Not very many if a) this is the only color of its kind in North America and b) this is THE only one in Alaska. Yeah. Odds are slim to none on that one I think. (Needless to say, I was SUPER flattered they asked me to photograph this little project. Thank you Andy & Karla!)

If you are unaware as to what this vehicle actually is ... call your husband over to the computer right now. I have a small hunch that this is pretty drool-worthy for most guys ;)  Happy Friday all!