Fresh Friday Five | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

1. The garden is going great ~ can't you tell?! (lol) Aaah, yes, the 'green forest' would be my garden. I tried to take a few pictures of it ... but no matter what way you slice it, it's a hot-green-mess. :)

MachC Photography

2. But it does produce the best arctic peas (snow peas?) and radishes there are! (Not even kidding here - flavor AND crunch. Yowza!)

MachC Photography

3. This week also brought on some family berry pickin' time.

4. Which turned into this:

MachC Photography

Pretty sure if we coulda picked the ice cream, would would have done that too!

5. And no, I didn't pick him from our garden ;) although I would gladly babysit anytime mama wants! (You hear that Lori :D) Isn't he darling?! He came to visit us at the cabin at the lakes back in the wee-days of July and was just in awe of all the toys, kids & snacks. Who could blame him ;)

Happy Friday!