"Using Photographs Personalizes a Space."

I love 9 by Design! It's organized family chaos in its greatest form. We've been watching the series (which was filmed last year, I believe), taking in the family craziness and design decadence. While watching the last one or two episodes two things came to mind 1) Lackawanna does exist (a word we thought our oldest made up when he was under two & would shout "Lackawanna!" only to have us say, "That's not a word! Pick another word, not a made up one." Ha! Little did we know it IS a word AND a place.) and 2. Cortney is very, very wise. ;) At one point, while helping a friend pull together her NYC apartment, she pointed out some photographs they found & had blown up for the wall, "using photographs personalizes a space," she said. I couldn't agree more.

Using personal photographs more than personalizes a space ... it makes it home.

I've been asking clients to send in snapshots of some of their family wall art to show & share.

MachC Photography

I can't help but smile when I get an email that says "Here's our MachC Wall!" It truly brightens my day. I love the spaces you guys are creating! Above you'll see two 11x14 Fine Art Canvas Wraps from Kim and her family, back when the kids were 'just babies'. The 3rd image is of Erin's kitchen and two matted & framed 8x12s of their son on his 1st birthday. They redid the whole kitchen to play off of those images - doesn't it come together just perfectly?! And the last image shows just how quickly your little one can grow in a few short years. He's so big that now he can stop and 'take a look at himself' in those early baby years with the ease & grace of standing on whatever is nearby.

I can't say it enough, thank you all SO MUCH for allowing me into your lives ... the chance to create not just memories ... but a home where you are constantly reminded of your love, happiness & joy in being a family.

If you have an image to share, please send it on in! info (@) machcphotography.com ~ can't wait to see your space!