Shake your bum-bum, Shake your bum-bum

Had to give a shout-out to Melanie over at Melanie Meyer Photography! (Hey Melanie!) If you're looking for some clean, classic, knit (handmade!) diaper covers, she's your girl! She worked on a couple for me (including this adorable raspberry one for toddlers) - so excited to be getting some shooting in with them. Aren't they the cutest?!

And these are just to prove that even the most photographed of kids don't always cooperate ;) nothing like closing your eyes when mommy says she wants to see your pretty eyes! Sheesh ;)

Track Melanie down if you're looking for something like this for your own little baby bum-bum shaker ;) and if you're a client with a little one ... I have a few for our up-coming photo shoot. See ya then! ;)