Labor of Love. On a Thankful Thursday.

Or maybe, random thoughts on my labor of love. Seth Godin recently wrote, "We make a difference to other people when we give gifts to them, when we bring emotional labor to the table and do work that matters." And it hit me. That's what I do. The gifts I bring to the table are more than just pushing a button on a box. Way more. I bring emotional labor to the table and try to do work that matters. Work that touches your heart & soul. Work that breathes life into your life. I tear up when someone tells me how much their images mean to them. I smile when I get to return to your house and see your kids grow ... but also sneak a peek of our past sessions together, living memories right there on your walls.

Clients don't come to me for one 8x10. They come to me for an emotional gift that is so much bigger. They come to me to decorate their walls, decorate their home, decorate their love of life. A labor of love that shows anyone who walks through your doors or into your office, "this is my family. these are the people I love. this is who I work for. this is what makes me happy."

I like to call it "quiet joy". An undercurrent of love that makes you smile as you pour your morning coffee ... and makes you cry tears of laughter in the crazy moments we call life. Life {& love} through my lens.

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