Fresh Friday Five | The Summer List.

Loved Ellen's Five for Friday last week, so I had to jump on board with my own summer list this week. Wanna join us?

What's on your summer list?

1. Gardening. Jumping. Head first.

MachC Photography Fairbanks Photographer

And if we're gonna eat the veggies we grow ... we might as well start with the dirt, eh! Oh-man what have we gotten ourselves into.

2. Yep, potty training is on our list too! Imagine that. Good times, good times.

3. Cloud-dreaming with my friend Fran. We definitely need more of this. (Have you asked your kids lately what they see up in the sky? You should ... their answers will amaze you ... and keep ya on your toes ;) .)

4. Did you happen to see the old town car that passed us on I-90 outside Chicago? (See, cloud-dreaming definitely needs to be on the list.)

5. Last Comic Standing. On Mondays. Yes, it's on the list. Monday's cup o' sanity. Could not stop laughing at the dad's routine about his 3 yo dictator: "why is it you won't play trains with me ... daah-dee, hmmm?" LOL. (Maybe we can all relate to that one? ;) )

Happy Friday Everyone!

Link your summer list in the comments below!