Fresh Friday Five | The First June Edition

In the way of Fairbanks and Photography, I am a wee few posts behind, but determined to catch-up! So we'll start with the latest edition of Fresh Friday Five and then maybe spend the next week or two pulling us into the present & future. How does that sound?! 1. I saw an incoming link last week here. Love that I'm a "faithful five on friday-er" but ooooofph, that adds a pound or two of pressure! ;)

2. I do love that vintage camera. And her idea of asking five questions ... hmmmm ... maybe you could leave questions here that you'd like answered on future fresh friday fives? That might be interesting!

3. Adorable, sleepy, loving, so-cuddly-he-doesn't-want-mommy-to-put-him-down ;) little baby boy Tristan. Some favorites that I needed to share from his newborn session a little bit ago.

MachC Photography

And now in color ;)

MachC Photography

4. I also love his mama's elated joy here. Seriously, she just radiates happiness through the page, doesn't she?!

5. Another favorite of mine ... Tristan, you are a sweetheart!

MachC Photography

I seriously can't believe it's June ... and all these babies! Stay tuned ...