Fresh Friday Five | Love Remains the Same.

I was thisclose to not doing a Fresh Friday Five post this week. *Thisclose*. It's just been 'one of those weeks'. The craziness has set in. Life became crazier than crazy and felt like too much at times. After my daughter, who is only two, visited the ER twice this week (she split open her forehead, to put it mildly ;) ) and I was on the verge of tears & an emotional melt-down, my friend wrote to me & said,

Sometimes we have to be tested of our strength to confirm in our souls everything that is possible. You are an amazing mother who will juggle this week with grace.

I bucked up. Her words encouraged me. I could do this. And yes, she is right ... sometimes our strength is tested. Many times over. And on days that we wish it would rather not be. I know Christy knows this first-hand. We all have our own cross to carry, our own burden to bear. But somehow we find more strength than we knew we had ... and carry on.

This was also the week of my Poppy's burial. Seven months ago we lost him. Suddenly & unexpectedly. So much so that even this week, people who he played handball with, were just finding out. They thought he was just out enjoying the spring & summer, golfing'it up like never before! And the tears flowed again. But this time with a smile ... it hurts, but I do imagine him golfing ... getting in as many holes as his heart desires. Enjoying what-ever weather you get to enjoy in the next phase of the journey. I love what my sister wrote & had us share at his service this week, he is just up ahead of us on this hike. Making sure to meet us at the trail-head when the time is right.

As I was getting ready I thought about seven months ago, wearing my friend's beautiful clip in my hair ... because her spirituality and undying faith brought me comfort that day. I thought about how we had tried to start potty training little M but had to stop our efforts short due to the circumstances and chaos surrounding that time. Just last week, seven days before the service, she started her journey again ... and this time around, by the time the burial took place this week, is now potty trained. So much so that she used the potty at least four times during the service & at dinner - and I smiled, knowing that Poppy was not only telling her she did a great job and he was proud of the big girl she'd become ... but also because I know he was laughing that she helped water the woods ;) near the cemetery.

I thought about the make-up me & my sisters had shared ... that had to be promptly thrown out when one of us had pink eye (yep, just goes to show ya, you really shouldn't share make-up, no matter how old you are! ;) ). And now I have a cute new bag with new stuff in it, a 'sorry that I almost gave ya pink eye' apology ;) of sorts.

And then I thought about all the life changes that have happened in just a short seven months ... new babies that have joined our families (on both sides) ... clients who've added their own and celebrated birthdays ... who's expecting their next batch ... adding another one of our own, going from a family of four to five (soon, soon ... but more on that later ;) ) ... and all the amazing milestones that life brings about. Not for the sake of milestones ... but for the sake of encouraging us to live ... I think ...

Which brings me to my thoughts that started this post ... everything will change, but love remains the same. Can't deny that. Change is inevitable ... change will occur ... but love, love most definitely remains the same. And for that (and more) we are truly lucky. Even in the eye of the storm. Even in the midst of a difficult week. We're the lucky ones.

I think five is going to be a good number for us.

poppy's balloon release