Fresh Friday 5 | Fairbanks Photographer

1. What am I  now? I have spines on my back. And the spines help me from predators. I have four legs. I drink water and I eat plants. {In the midst of playing "What am I now" - an impromptu game made-up by the 4yo ;)

2. I have horns. I give milk. And I moo like this, "mooooo". I live on a farm.

3. Congrats to the USA guys this week! First time they've won their group play since 1930. (For all you soccer fans out there ;) & I know there are a few of you!)

4. We've had a lot of great family time recently ... including family BBQs ... no pictures, just lots of great memories with amazing people and dozens of kids! :) Just what summer should be right.

5. In a bit of denial that we are just days (days!) away from July ... how 'bout you?

Happy Friday everyone!