A boy & his dog. | Fairbanks Family Child Photographer

Somehow, when I looked at this one frame, I saw into the future. Twenty, thirty ... sixty years from now with Hayden's own children & his own grandchildren - maybe even passed down to his great-grandchildren one day. And I couldn't resist. MachC Photography Kids

And of course it also comes to mind the birthday milestones that Hayden & his mom are celebrating ... and the anniversary ones too. Chris & Megan's 'boys', as they were in the Summer of 2010. A boy & his dog. A life-story in and of itself. In one click of the shutter.

Enjoy your quick peek you guys! I have so many more, I can't even stand it! :) And for those who are wondering ... 'big brother' is just a couple of years old and 'little brother' is all of 11 months here. We just made it look easy ;)