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Quick update on my schedule: we are quickly booking into July at this point, with less than a handful of session dates still available. August & September availability will open up in June. Those of you on the confirmed 'wait list' (i.e., session date is booked, just waiting on a late summer/early fall date) will get first dibs on dates. Want that to be you? Hoping for an August or September session? Get in touch! Let's get you booked! *Even though we are currently booking seven weeks out right now, that time usually increases as we head toward the idea of "fall" sessions. Keep in mind that if you want to have a fall session, we generally need to book you about 8-10+ weeks out.

Came across this post recently. All too often the "importance of you", especially in photographs, gets diminished. Not because you or I want it that way, by any means. It happens to me too. Let's face it. And we all know that's not what we intended. But it happens. We're often the ones behind the camera, capturing the day-to-day. I think it's been that way since the test of time. Don't forget that you need to be in there too. Don't wait. The time is right. It can never be too soon to jump in a few shots with your baby.

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