What am I gonna do | Fairbanks Baby Photographer

... when the best part of me was always you ...

I can't help but sing that song in my head when I look through Dawn's images of her baby boy. (If you haven't heard it yet, or aren't sure what song I'm talking about, you can check it out at the end of this post.) And I think it has to do with images like this one. And knowing the back-story. Knowing how she was never expected to have children. Ever. And hearing her mom (now "Grandma" *big smile* shown here) mention her grandson, talking about how important he is and somehow fitting into conversation that he will probably be her only grandchild. And then we got this.

fairbanks baby photography

And my heart skipped a beat. In-between takes & laughter & loving & rocking ... grandma took a moment to bring Tristan up to her face, to hold & cuddle ... and he took that moment to reach out to her for the first time, as if he were an older grandchild who knew this moment meant something more. And yet, here he is, only two weeks old ~ surely he's not old enough to have created such a moment for himself? I don't know. See for yourself. Seeing is believing ... it appears he knows his grandma is just as special as he is.