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I had such a great time with this session here. A beautiful spring day (before all this snow showed up! ;) ) & as you can see, cool, calm & collect. I felt like I was just walking through their world, the quiet, fairy-tale version of Alice in Wonderland. We walked, talked & walked some more. And they brought their monkey & husky. I couldn't ask for anything more. Two of mom's favorites (mine too ;) ).

Fairbanks Alaska Photographer Family

MachC Fairbanks Photographer

I loved William's quirky, fun-loving smile here. One of those moments that you don't even fully realize until you see it later; always makes me smile when I see little takes like this where clearly the kids were playing with me. I love that! :)

machc photography fairbanks photographer

This one you've seen in color here. I love both. I can't help it ;)

machc photography fairbanks child photographer

And last but not least ... one that I just had to show! This isn't the first time I've photographed Kim's family ... just the first time that we've just made it exclusively about her & her relationship with her kids. And this one shot, to me, says it all without saying a word. The love, the gentleness, the quiet moments of motherhood. Her & her babies, singing their favorite song. It's a moment that's hard to forget. One of those that we think we'll 'always remember'. And then our children grow up and we don't hold them in our laps & sing quiet songs together anymore. It goes by so fast. I'm so glad I got to capture this one little moment, just for them.

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