Happy Birthday to You {Two.}

Happy Birthday to Our Little Dancing Queen

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In the early morning hours of this day, two years ago, you became our "Tax Day Baby"; from Day 1 full of love & life and the incredible ability to bring happiness everywhere you go. You count forwards & backwards and sometimes start at ten or eleven and go up from there. Just today you pretended you were a dinosaur and then a talking lion "coming to get'chu - rawrrrr!" You have a wonderful sense of humor and have always been able to bring out a smile, even in the grumpiest of line dwellers at the grocery store.

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You call your dad "Dad-Dee", very precise, very direct, a name you came up with, just for him. You want to know where your brother is at all times and will tell me to go pick him up when you are ready to see him. You sing your ABCs when you wash your hands. And yes, you seem way older than two. Old enough, in fact, that everywhere we go, people ask how old you are, only to be stunned to find out you weren't even two {yet}. Part of that is probably vocabulary related with words like: pteranodon, frustrated and awesome, but also with phrases like "I need time-out." and "nice to meet you".

Your Dad-Dee says he most loves your self-confidence & persistent nature. He loves how you know you can be good at anything and won't stop until you are. I love how that persistent nature creates the drive in you to make everyone around you smile because you take the time to say hi, wave & make sure they are recognized in some way.

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We are so lucky you picked us, all that time ago. We always say Great Grandma Georgette found you & you guys conspired against us ;) We love you more every day. You mean the world to us in each & every way. Happy Birthday my little tayter-tot. Love you.